The James Bond Strategy At Roulette

Fleming’s iconic character, Secret Agent 007, was a frightened gamer who liked to play mainly Baccarat, but who also enjoyed playing winbet2u roulette. An avid man capable of changing luck in the face of any adversity. The author of the novel Casino Royale sets up a strategy to carry out and win slot game Malaysia at roulette. Do you want to discover all the secrets of the James Bond strategy and win a lot of money at roulette? Continue reading and discover all its secrets.

James Bond Strategy

To carry out this strategy, it is important that the player is aware that he will need to have a high budget. In the Martingale strategy, it is recommended to start with very small bets; they can even be 1 euro. However, the bankroll in the James Bond strategy is 200 euros. Can the bet be reduced? In reality, there is no counter indication, and you can reduce or even increase the bet, but never change the guidelines to follow.

We remember that the total bet per game is 200 euros and that a multiple bet or column bet is made. Of the 37 or 38 numbers, depending on whether you play American roulette or European roulette, you will have bet on 25 numbers, and only 12 or 13 will be discovered.

How to bet

It is a very simple strategy to follow and precise.

  • 140 euros- The first 140 euros must be placed among the high numbers that go from 19 to 36, both included. In the case of winning, the bet is paid 1: 1.
  • 50 euros- The next 50 euros have to be placed in six numbers from 13 to 18, both included.
  • 10 euros- The remaining 10 euros will always be placed at number 0. In the event that the ball falls at 0, the bet is paid at 35: 1.

Thanks to the James Bond strategy, a large part of the roulette numbers are covered, so the odds of hitting are high. But it is well known that roulette is a game of chance, and chance is sometimes capricious. So there was a possibility that the ball would fall into one of the boxes that include the numbers from 1 to 12. What does that mean? That we will have lost 200 euros.

Winnings per hit:

  • In the event that the ball falls in a number from 19 to 36, the winnings are 80 euros.
  • If the ball has fallen between the 13 and the 18, the earnings amount to 100 euros.
  • If fortune is on your side and the ball falls to 0, the profit is 160 euros.

As we explained at the beginning of the article, the James Bond strategy requires a high budget. For this reason, the player is recommended to abandon this strategy and focus on the Martingale, Paroli, or d’Alembert strategy in the event of losing.


  • The profits are high.
  • The rules of the game are simple and easy to carry out.
  • Almost all the numbers on the table are covered. So the odds of hitting are high.


    • A high budget is needed.
    • In the event that the ball falls between 1 and 12, a considerable amount is lost only in one round.
  • The house always starts with an advantage. Remember that casinos online slot game Malaysia are gambling companies whose objective is to earn money from the players, not the other way around.

Advantages of Casino games

Advantages of Casino games

Online jdl688 gambling games are like heaven for those persons who will enjoy and entertain with gambling. Those days would go when you waited a lot of time for vacation, book a ticket for going to your favorite city and then you will enjoy the Casino games. But now you have a lot more opportunities and ways to play the Gambling games. You can play games online as well as offline. But before playing you have to search for Casino games, make sure that these are not for the young stars because these are too tricky games. Those persons who are above 21 years of age, they will play these games whether online or offline. There are various advantages of playing Casino games and a short list of pros is here-

Games for free 

The big and most appealing advantage of Casino games online is that it allows you to play almost all the Gambling games free of cost. If any Casino will charge the amount for games is almost like negligible as a comparison to other countries.


These days’ online Gambling games are very popular and it offers a lot of variety to you. There are many types of different games but some are certain games, these are the specialty of a particular region, spot your country. When you are searching the Gambling games and you will find that very less are original games, it means these games number of versions that will present online.

Less cost 

Casino games are not so costly and it allows you to invest your precious money as these are very less expensive, you can get your happiness and pleasure at very less cost. Do you want to play, slots, Blackjack or any type of other games? You do not need to travel in any other City because online Casino can give you a lot of benefits and offers the services at your doorstep.

Availability and accessibility

This is the major advantage of gambling games. These games are very easily available to you and very convenient for you. When you go to any other country to play the games than the process is very complicated, but you can play online Casino games and invest the amount of your precious money and eliminate the burden of traveling.

You can play Casino games very easily. You have to sign up and set up your account only and take the advantages of online Gambling games.

Online Casino offers several advantages that you can take but you need to find a reputed casino to acquire all these advantages facts. You make sure to visit a credible casino website to play the Gambling games without any doubt. You can earn more at less investment while playing games. Besides, the Casino game provides 24/7 availability to all the players. It means, you can set up the gaming account any time or you need to register the required details to get verified. Once you get verified, you will be played well as per requirements.

What Are A Casino Bonus And Types Of Bonuses?

Currently, most online casinos offer bonuses to attract new players or to reward the loyalty of registered players. It is an essential marketing tool in all pangeran bola casinos. In this article, we will describe what a bonus is and the types of casino bonuses that exist.

Bond types:

Welcome bonus

It is a bonus gift that the online casino offers to new users by registering. These types of bonuses are a way to attract new users to sign up, get to know the casino, and play for free.

  • It is the most popular and common bonus in the world of online gaming.
  • At the quantitative level, they are usually quite generous.
  • It is received only once when registering for the first time.
  • To make it effective, it is necessary to make the first deposit. However, there are casinos that allow you to use the bonus without having to make a deposit.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are bonuses that the casino offers new users to play and bet for free. The user does not have to make any real money deposits in order to benefit from the bonus.

  • These types of bonuses are not offered by all casinos.
  • The new user can get to know the casino, gamble, and play without risking their own money.
  • There are four types of no deposit bonuses: free games, free spins, cashback bonuses, and limited-time bonuses.
  • Maximum refund limit.
  • It is very important to read its terms and conditions.

Loyalty bonus

As its name indicates, the loyalty bonus is a type of bonus that is offered to casino users for their loyalty and loyalty. Normally this type of bonus is awarded to VIP players.

For a few years, online casinos have used this type of marketing strategy to build loyalty and thank their customers for their loyalty and permanence. The goal of any casino is to attract as many players as possible. For this, different marketing campaigns are carried out. However, it is not enough to attract new players. It is much more important that these players are happy and satisfied and decide to bet again and play. The casino must demonstrate that its customers matter to them, and for this, they create this type of bonuses.

  • Casino rewards the loyalty, loyalty, and permanence of its customers.
  • It is awarded to regular players or players who bet considerable money.
  • They offer special discounts and bonuses.
  • Casinos do not always specify what these loyalty bonuses consist of.

Friend bonus

As its name indicates, this type of bonus arises in appreciation to users for recommending a casino. Casinos reward users and people you invite to play at the casino with money. In most, if not all, casinos, the bonus becomes effective when the person who has been invited to the casino makes their first deposit. It is not enough for the friend to register at the casino; the important thing is that they make a minimum deposit of money.

It is a form of marketing widely used by casinos to attract new audiences without too much effort since the benefit they are going to get for it is higher than the bonus they give away.

High Rollers Bonus

When we talk about High Rollers, we mean players who make big money bets. Casinos are aware that more attention needs to be paid to these types of customers, and for this, they have created special bonuses. In order to access this type of bonus, it is necessary to meet certain criteria. In these cases, it is the casino that contacts the player to offer them this type of bonus.

  • Players who make large investments.
  • Special bonuses for very special players.
  • Best customer bonuses.

As always, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions section if you don’t want to be scared. Although it must be said that these types of bonds do not have as many use clauses as others. Since they are awarded to large investors, and casinos do not want to lose players who deposit large amounts of money at their casino.

What Is A Dealer

One of the main tasks of the dealer in the casino is to mix and deal with the cards with which the players bet and play the different games. For example, in blackjack, the dealer is the rival to beat. For the player to win the game, it is necessary to obtain a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21 points. On the other hand, in roulette, the dealer acquires other functions, such as placing the chips on the mat.

Pay players

The dealer’s mind must be quick, alert, and insightful. In a matter of seconds, you have to know who has won the game and calculate the winnings of each player individually. Therefore, they need good mathematical skills. In the case of roulette, the dealer must calculate the benefits of each bettor if the ball has fallen into the number bet.

Conflict resolution

Any dealer with years of experience will have among their experiences many conflict resolutions by the players. Losing is not always well assumed by the players, and the dealer must calm the spirits of the player who has lost.

Help the player

Without a doubt, helping or advising the player is among the most important responsibilities that a dealer acquires during his workday. He must attend and advise whenever the player requires it.

Security measures

Thanks to the dealer’s experience and track record, they quickly detect any cheating or illegal tactics in the game by players. Obviously, casinos have security measures such as surveillance cameras. However, the first security filter is the responsibility of the dealer. Ben Affleck was expelled from a casino for counting cards in the game of blackjack, a totally prohibited practice. It was the dealer himself who noticed.

Decision-making capacity

As we mentioned earlier, a dealer must have an analytical and quick mind. In a matter of seconds, you must know if the player has won or lost the game, and in the case of winning, how much to receive. Delays in payments or decision management can adversely affect the reputation of the casino.

Characteristics and curiosities of a dealer

  • One of the most important features when hiring a dealer is that it has no criminal record. That is why it is increasingly common, and in many countries, it is an essential requirement that they have a special license to work in casinos.
  • This is not always the case, but the first role a dealer plays in a casino is usually related to roulette. Later and when they gain more experience, they continue with the dice. In the United States, apprentices learn to play blackjack before starting to work in casinos.
  • One of the most controversial issues surrounding the dealer profession is whether or not they should accept tips. One considers accepting gratuities can benefit the player. However, the firmness, loyalty, and commitment of the dealer to the game and the casino is unquestionable.
  • Due to job responsibility, dealer breaks are often frequent. Dealers usually work throughout their working day at different tables.

Bet On Online Casinos With Bitcoins

The cryptocurrency boom has forced some casinos to recycle and offer new alternatives in payment methods. There are more and more online players who prefer to bet through digital currencies. Using this virtual currency is a very attractive option, not only for online casino players but also for many other businesses and investments in the world. Betting in online casinos with Bitcoins is already a reality.

Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency created and stored electronically. It is a decentralized digital currency and is not controlled by any central authority. It is electronic money between users that allows direct online payments without having to go through any financial institution.

This cryptocurrency can be used to make transactions or purchases through the internet.

Explained in a simple way, we can say that Bitcoin is like conventional euros or dollars. With the difference that you can only make purchases on the internet. Since the currency physically does not exist. Bitcoins are acquired through Bitcoin exchange houses. In these exchange houses, you can convert euros, dollars or any other currency to bitcoins or vice versa.

Bet on online casinos with Bitcoins

– Deposits made with Bitcoin are available practically at the same time.

– Some casinos offer exclusive welcome bonuses for users who use Bitcoin.

– A Bitcoin casino allows players to fully control their funds.

Advantages of using Bitcoin

  • Security. It is a very secure payment system. Operations are both extremely safe for both depositing and withdrawing money.
  • Emission limit. The maximum allowed is 21 million bitcoins.
  • It is not controlled by any authority. It is the first decentralized currency. Bitcoin does not belong to any state or banking authority.
  • Anonymity of the users. Any operation that is performed is recorded. However, such a transaction is absolutely anonymous. No user has an obligation to reveal their identity.
  • Unfeasible. Today, it is impossible to fake Bitcoins. Who knows if it will be possible overtime …
  • Lower cost than other payment methods. Transfers through Bitcoin are less expensive than those made through PayPal, credit cards, or other modalities.
  • Immediacy and speed. Current technological advances allow transactions in real-time. Here and now.
  • Can be used almost anywhere in the world.
  • No account freezing. The user’s account cannot be frozen, and there are no prerequisites or arbitrary limits.

Bitcoin is a new concept of electronic wallet, but obviously, it is not the only, nor is it new. For years there have been other forms of electronic payment. Perhaps the best known and used by users is Paypal. Paypal allows you to use funds directly from a card or bank account and transfer them directly to the recipient.

Most casinos also allow monetary transactions with Skrill and Neteller. These work like most electronic wallets. It allows you to make funds transfers using a credit or debit card to later use the money.